Selling your home can be a scary experience.  It is important to have a real estate professional, who is sensitive to your needs and feelings.  You are opening your house up to strangers, knowing they will view your home, with a Buyer’s eyes.

I prepare you, prior to the sign going on the lawn.  We go through your home, together.  I make recommendations on any small renovations, repairs, or changes, which could have a large impact on the value of a home.  Sometimes, it is as small as us moving furniture around, or bringing some of my staging materials to your home, at no charge to you.  Other times, it involves bringing a professional in, to help out.  Whatever, the case, if you decide to make those alterations, I am part of the process.  I recommend service people, materials… helping out as much as possible.  You never feel like you are “doing it alone”.

I never tell any of my clients what they should do.  I am aware your home is your biggest investment. It is vital to make your own choices on how it’s sale is handled.  I empower my Sellers by providing information on recently sold, comparable homes in their neighbourhood.  We arrive at a list price together.  I provide a detailed marketing strategy, along with scheduled weekly telephone calls and/or emails, detailing the week’s events.  You are never left wondering.

Some homes sell very fast – that is because they appeal to a large amount of the population and are priced appropriately.  These homes change, different times of the year.

In late winter, spring and early summer, these homes tend to be family homes, in family-oriented neighbourhoods.  This makes lots of sense, as parents don’t want to move their children, from their current school, during the school year.  During the winter, that market is usually a little slower.

Updated, bungalows and split-levels tend to move well, throughout the year, which is probably due to their appeal to most people – larger lots, minimal stairs, mature neighbourhoods, convenient locations – there is a lot to like!

Some homes, however, stay on the market a little bit longer, even though they are fairly priced.  Some houses just take a little longer to sell… this can be due to a smaller lot size, unusual house size, a corner lot, more competition (Buyers may be more flexible in housing choices), or recent instability in the market.

When we list your home, I will advise you how long I expect it will take, for your home to sell.  We will arrange a time to meet and discuss changes to pricing and/or strategies, in the event that your home takes a little longer to sell, than we want.  No matter what, we meet once a month, if the house does not have an offer, in that time frame.

If renovations are recommended and you choose to sell your home, in it’s current condition, I will provide an honest opinion of your home’s financial potential, and the time required to reach it.  My commitment to all clients is complete and total honesty.

During negotiations, I am with you, every step of the way, providing the knowledge and support you will come to expect, from me.  I will be part of the presentation, of any and all offers.

When you hire Dawn of a New Way, I become your knowledgeable partner and trusted ally, in selling your home.  My goal is to help you, comfortably, move on to the next stage, in your life.